Business Concept

Our mission is to ensure that we develop unique products that deliver a much improved indoor environment that maximises people’s health and wellbeing and ultimately their performance.

This is driven by our innovation programme based on the three pillars of Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle® design. We want to have all our products designed according to the Cradle to Cradle® principles by 2020, which will enable us to make the shift from the linear 'take, make and dispose' economy to the circular economy. Here products are designed to be disassembled after the end of their life and the materials reused or recycled. This will make us more profitable and resilient to resource scarcity in the long-term. It will also enable us to live up to our high standards of environmental responsibility.

Our values, code of conduct and rules for corporate governance set the principles by which we conduct business and, in doing so, create the framework for our operations. Through our business strategy we aim to be the leading carpet provider across all our markets and different customer segments. Our focus on operational excellence, innovation, geographic and channel expansion and communications enables us to achieve our goals.

Our leadership team sets inspirational goals, motivating our employees to stretch themselves and reach ambitious new targets. Our leaders are the link between the articulation of our strategic objectives and the action needed to get there. Our people, our most important asset, are the driving force behind our succes. 

Desso's business concept
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