Corporate Strategy

Our strategic objective is to be the world's best provider of healthy and inspiring working and living spaces in the world through innovative flooring solutions.

Desso plant Dendermonde Belgium

We will achieve this by producing stunningly designed carpets that have smart functionality built in. While we don't wear carpets like we do clothes, they are around us all the time. So, how they look can make a huge difference to our mood and the general atmosphere in which we work and live. At Desso, we are dedicated to creating carpets inspired by the latest trends such as fashion, architecture, art and interior design to enhance and enliven the interior space. Our global growth strategy is based on the following drivers:

Operational Excellence

Relentless in our desire to satisfy our customers, we make it a priority to continuously improve our operational performance. We must maintain the best capabilities to deliver what our customers need whenever they want it, however they need it and wherever they are. It's about having the mindset to deliver fast, flexible and focused customer solutions that are flawlessly executed. The business environment is changing fast all the time and we must be able to adapt to the ever changing needs of our clients.


Creativity: Design excellence is a priority for us across all our business divisions. We are inspired by the latest trends in areas such as fashion, architecture, art and interior design. Next to that we want to stimulate co-creation of stunning new designs either via our international Circles of Architects® platform or by successful partnerships with leading architects and designers.
Functionality: Pioneering solutions that lead to healthier and happier living and working conditions.Through this process, we ask what can our carpets do to improve health and well-being, leading to innovations such as the DESSO AirMaster® and SoundMaster®, carpets that reduce the amount of fine dust in the indoor atmosphere and unwanted noise.
Cradle to Cradle®: We are passionate about creating products that have a positive impact on people's health today inside their homes and offices and that also contribute to a more sustainable business model in the future. We achieve this through Cradle to Cradle® design


Geographic expansion: Desso's goal is to continue to expand the business to new geographical regions. Currently, Desso is expanding its activities in Asia, Pacific and Latin America and have further plans for expansion in other regions in the coming years.
Market channel expansion: Desso is highly committed to further develop the Education, Healthcare and Government channels. Desso is therefore successfully taking our new products that clear the indoor air of dust and reduce unwanted noise into these channels


At Desso, we are committed to clear, open and honest communications that enable us to achieve our strategic objectives. Reinventing a business means having to win the hearts and minds of a multitude of stakeholders, both internally and externally. For these reasons, Desso believes that robust and open communications is one of the fundamental drivers of its long-term success.

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